Queens Head,

111 The Street,


Nr Faversham,


ME13 9BH

01227 751369

Queens Head


Tel: Sean Thomas 07925861873

E-Mail: [email protected]


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We play a seasonal cup tournament every 3 months.

This is usually held on a Saturday as we aim to play 5 point matches as these are a better length game to prove your skill.

The entry fee is £15 + £10 registration for trophies etc.

If you are interested in attending please contact me on the above contact details.

All players are welcome and any games will be added to the UKBGF website results.


Players signed up for the 22nd January 2022 Tournament (15 players)

Sean Thomas £

David Tingey

Bob Bruce

David Hicks £

Peter Finnimore £

Larry Smyth

Colin Talbot

John Ashelford £

Maria Dolphin £

Mike Ireland £

Nick Hancock

Tania Hoser

Chris Humble TBC

Rosey Bensley TBC

Debra Hagan